Welcome to the 2017 Texas Yoga Conference!  The TYC is a Texas Yoga Family Reunion! We are looking forward to seeing each of you in Houston for a peaceful weekend of yoga and music. Bring your friends and family and let’s unite for another year of TYC fun!  

NOTE: Vendors are able to begin set up in the Goswami Academy at 5 p.m. Friday afternoon. Outdoor vendors and Bronze, Silver, Gold etc sponsors can set up anytime in the temple areas.
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simone Olivier

Simone Olivier, a native of Lafayette, LA, was introduced to yoga in college as an engineering student. She received her B.S. in Industrial Technology from University of Louisiana at Lafayette and afterwards went to work in the oil & gas industry, which prompted her to move to Houston, TX. Once in Houston, she then decided to pursue her certification as a yoga instructor.

A committed student, Simone has traveled to India and China, studying under various spiritual teachers, both at home and abroad, to learn Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, and Daoism. More recently Simone has begun her journey as Daoist Priest Li Fu. She currently teaches Yoga, Qi Gong, Oriental Dance, Meditation, and Internal Martial Arts, dedicating much of her time to working with children and the elderly.

Simone is also the founder of Dakini Dharma ~ The Path of the Spirited Women. This foundation supports women on their transformational journey to becoming their complete and true selves. As part of her mission for empowering women, she directs The Dandelion Troupe, a troupe of young yoganis who learn the art of yoga and travel to senior centers to share their light and love with the elderly community.

As an educator and performer, Simone has participated in Breath The Pulse of the Universe, a breath troupe created by Pam Johnson, which performs the history and art of yoga at local and national events.

Simone is passionate about sharing the art of meditative movement and wishes to continue to love and serve those who she meets on her path